Our Menù


Starters from tradition

Burrata from Puglia with fruit compote.
€ 18

Omelette with Tropea onions and pecorino cheese.
€ 12

Roasted pepper rolls with tuna, capers and anchovies’ cream.
€ 15

Buffalo mozzarella cheese with confit cherry tomatoes.
€ 18

Buffalo mozzarella cheese with Cantabrian sea anchovies.
€ 22

24 months cured Culatello ham.
€ 22

Raw zucchini flower rolls with cottage cheese and pistachios.
€ 18

Fried zucchini flowers filled with mozzarella and anchovies
€ 18

Tuna fish and “friggitelli” (sweet green peppers).€ 20

Catch of the day carpaccio.€ 22

Catch of the day tartare.€ 28

Cod fish carpaccio , cannellini beans and roasted peppers€ 22

Prawns Catalan salad (*)€ 28

Octopus , potatoes, green beans, capers ,olives and mint (*).€ 18

Cantabrian sea anchovies, with butter and toasted bread.€ 22

Squid and chickpeas. (*)€ 18

Our pasta

Trofie with asparagus and zucchini flowers. € 16

Raviolo stuffed with burrata with Cantabrian anchovies sauce. € 18

Orecchiette with sweet green peppers and white fish.€ 18

Cubes of pasta with mussels and fresh tomatoes. € 18

Spaghettoni whit black garlic and fish tartare.€ 22

Soqquadro pasta whit tomatoes, bacon and pecorino cheese.€ 16

Tagliolini with veal ragout , zucchini and thyme.€ 22

To continue…


Eggplants Parmigiana with mozzarella, tomato and basil.
€ 16

Pure’ of Broad beans whit chicory.
€ 18

Soup with seafood and fillet of the catch of the day.
€ 28

Slice of the catch of the day with yellow tomatoes.
€ 24

Stewed Cod fish , with pure’ of broad beans and rosemary.
€ 24

Sea bass rolls whit chard.
€ 24

Chianina burger with salad of fennel and oranges.
€ 22

Sliced beef with seasonal side dish.
€ 26

Veal with tuna sauce ,salad and datterini tomatoes.
€ 22

Beef tartare with salsa Casa Bleve.
€ 22

Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan cheese and rocket salad.
€ 18

Grilled vegetables.
€ 12

Side dishes and salads.
€ 8/12


Bronte pistachio nuts parfait with gianduja sauce.

Millefeuille with vanilla cream and berries.

Mrs. Tina’s custard with Sorrento lemons.

Homemade tiramisu.

Vanilla crème Brûlé.

Apples Tart Tatin with vanilla ice cream.

Chocolate cake with fondant heart, with buffalo milk and pink pepper ice cream.

Seasonal fruits cut.


€ 3

€ 3

Cappuccino or Tea.
€ 4

Mineral water
€ 4