Our Menù


To start

Mix of Casa Bleve€ 25

Buffalo mozzarella and with roasted cherry tomatoes and
cured meats are of highest quality chosen from various regions of Italy.

Casa Bleve’s Whims. € 36

Classic bell pepper rolls with tuna cream, capers, anchovies,
buffalo mozzarella, with zucchine flower
filled of ricotta cheese and pistachios
and more delicacies of the day

Burrata from Puglia with fruits jam.€ 18

Squids, artichokes and parmigiano flakes salad€ 18

Octopus and salicornia salad€18

Carpaccio of the catch of the day.€ 22

Tartare of the catch of the day.€ 25

Cantabrian anchovies with craft butter€ 18

Buffalo Mozzarella with baked cherry tomatoes.€ 20

Beef carpaccio, 18,00
served with Parmigiano and arugula.€ 20

Culaccia Parmense cured for 18/24 months.€ 22

“Drunk meat” Marinated beef in red wine with rocket salad
and baked cherry tomato.€ 20

Raw zucchini flowers with ricotta, roasted tomatoes, pistachio and taggiasche olives.€ 15

Baby squid filled of mashed potato and smoked scamorza cheese.€ 18

Fried zucchini blossoms filled of buffalo mozzarella and Cantabrian anchovies.€ 20

Puréed broad beans and chicory with toasted bread.€ 16

Our Pastas

Spaghettoni Cacio e Pepe  (black pepper and pecorino cheese).€ 14

Riquadro all’Amatriciana with Casentino’s guanciale (bacon,) spicy tomato sauce and pecorino cheese.
€ 16

Fettuccine with guanciale (bacon), asparagus and roman pecorino cheese.
€ 16

Tagliolini with lamb meat sauce, rosemary and pecorino cheese.
€ 16

Tonnarelli pasta con buffalo mozzarella, scampi and friggitelli.
€ 18

Small rigatoni with angler fish and zebrino tomato.
€ 18

Pici pasta with squids, artichokes and mullet’s roe
€ 18

Linguine pasta with lobster
€ 26

Le nostre paste secche sono del Pastificio Verrigni Roseto degli Abruzzi

Main Course

Eggplants millefeuille with tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella.€ 16

Fassona beef tartare, from Piedmont.€ 22

Lamb chops with dried tomatoes, rosemary, artichokes and potatoes.€ 22

Braised beef cheek marinated in Nebbiolo wine served with potatoes pureè.€ 22

Beef fillet with seasonal vegetables.€ 26

Baked Cod fish, served with cream of chickpeas with rosemary.€ 22

Slice of amberjack on green peas cream and red shrimp.€ 24

Angler fish with capers, olives and cherry tomato.€ 26

“Strips” of Turbot with datterini tomatoes and zucchini flowers.€ 22

Seared tuna steak€ 24

Mixed seafood fry baby fling squids, squids and prawns.€ 20

Grilled vegetables.€ 12

Side dishes and salads.€ 8


Signora Tina’s custard with Sorrento lemons and strawberries.€ 9

Millefoglie pastry with Lemon custard and red fruits.€ 9

Tiramisù € 9

Jam tart with seasonal fruit€ 9

Beignets filled of custard with bitter chocolate sauce.€ 9

Nougat semifreddo with chocolate sauce.€ 9

Brontes pistachios semifreddo with Gianduia sauce.€ 9

Bitter chocolate wuth buffalo milk ice cream and pink pepper from Madagascar.(14 minutes).€ 9

Tarte Tatin of hot apples with custard ice cream.€ 9

Sliced Fruits.€ 9